Yet, fandom I’m ok with. I’m not sure what the level-past would be though.

What’s interesting is I apparently know more about Dune than I thought because nearly everything you said I recognize.  I don’t have a complete “all in one” picture of Dune yet I had a surprising amount of memories of it.

It’s possible I did watch enough to absorb it, or perhaps my enthusiastic friends talking about it sunk in – I’m not sure.

It’s weird; I can have a long, full fledged conversation about Hunger Games, even though I never read it because I’ve absorbed enough of it from people and images.  Same with Lord of the Rings; I’ve only ever read the Hobbit and saw the first movie, but I know the whole story as if I’d experienced all of it.

I could name many others; I usually just say, “Yes” and I never have a problem and always learn more.

With Dune I wasn’t so sure I could do that.  Maybe I could.  Not sure though.

I think it stems back to a friend I had when I was 17 and he was 14.  He had just experienced Dune and … well… it was his one topic.  We used to talk about other things.  But he kept pressuring me to watch it.  [it was a level beyond fandom]  So I think that’s what stuck with me.  I should get over that hurdle and just go through it.

I had the same experience with Discworld.  A friend who was more than fandom.  There’s a few other series’ that I kinda avoided like that.

Yet, fandom I’m ok with.  I’m not sure what the level-past would be though.

In any case, I need to add it to my bucket-list and hopefully get to it before then.

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