Yes, I find cross-referencing interesting which is why I’m extracting this data. Cross References for CIP Codes (Academic Instruction Programs) in 51 – HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND RELATED PROGRAMS.

Yes, I find cross-referencing interesting which is why I’m extracting this data.
Cross References for CIP Codes (Academic Instruction Programs) in 51 – HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND RELATED PROGRAMS.
51.0001 – 51
Health and Wellness, General.
A program of study that prepares individuals to assume roles as health/wellness professionals in private business and industry, community organizations, and health care settings. Includes instruction in personal health, community health and welfare, nutrition, epidemiology, disease prevention, fitness and exercise, and health behaviors.
31.0501 – Sports, Kinesiology, and Physical Education/Fitness, General.
Examples: – Health and Wellness, – Health Promotion and Wellness, – Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention
51.0203 – 51
Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist.
A program that prepares individuals to evaluate the speaking, language interpretation, and related physiological and cognitive capabilities of children and/or adults and develop treatment and rehabilitative solutions in consultation with clinicians and educators. Includes instruction in the anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing, biomechanics of swallowing and vocal articulation, communications disorders, psychology of auditory function and cognitive communication, language assessment and diagnostic techniques, and rehabilitative and management therapies.
51.0816 – Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.
Examples: – Speech Pathology, – Speech-Language Pathology
51.0204 – 51
Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist.
An integrated program that prepares individuals to work as both audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Includes instruction in a variety of communication disorder studies, audiology, speech pathology, language acquisition, and the design and implementation of comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitative solutions to communications problems.
51.0816 – Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.
Examples: – Audiology and Speech Pathology, – Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
51.0299 – 51
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services, Other.
Any instructional program in communications disorders sciences and services not listed above.
51.0816 – Speech-Language Pathology Assistant., 51.0918 – Hearing Instrument Specialist., 05.0211 – Deaf Studies., 16.1601 – American Sign Language (ASL).
Examples: – Child Speech-Language Disorders, – Pre-Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
51.0708 – 51
Medical Transcription/Transcriptionist.
A program that prepares individuals to execute verbatim medical conference minutes, medical reports, and medical orders. Includes instruction in dictation and simultaneous recording, analysis of notes and visual evidence, medical terminology, data processing applications and skills, formal medical report and correspondence formats, professional standards, and applicable law and regulations.
22.0303 – Court Reporting and Captioning/Court Reporter., 10.0204 – Voice Writing Technology/Technician.
51.0719 – 51
Clinical Research Coordinator.
A program that prepares individuals for careers as clinical research administrators or clinical research coordinators where they work under the supervision of a Principal Investigator to organize, coordinate and administer clinical research trials. Includes instruction in pharmacology, medical terminology, foundations of clinical research, project management, ethics, research design and data management, and legal and regulatory compliance .
51.1005 – Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist.
Examples: – Clinical Research Trial Coordination, – Clinical Trials Research, – Clinical Trials Management
51.0720 – 51
Regulatory Science/Affairs.
A program that prepares individuals to manage the regulatory process for companies innovating and developing cutting edge products in science, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medicine. Includes instruction in regulatory affairs, clinical documentation, human and animal subject protection, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, data management and analysis, good manufacturing practices, and quality management.
52.0214 – Research Administration.
51.0802 – 51
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant.
A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians or laboratory scientists or technologists, to perform waived testing procedures (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988), phlebotomy, and other duties in support of laboratory teams. Includes instruction in clinical procedures, various laboratory tests, laboratory mathematics, computer technology, equipment operation and maintenance, sterilization and safety, communications skills, and interpersonal skills.
51.1004 – Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician.
51.0810 – 51
Emergency Care Attendant (EMT Ambulance).
A program that prepares individuals to assist licensed EMTs, under the supervision of a physician, to prepare and transport ill or injured patients, and to operate emergency vehicles and equipment such as life support units. Includes instruction in first aid and emergency medicine field techniques, patient stabilization and care, medical field communications, equipment operation and maintenance, emergency vehicle operation, and applicable standards and regulations.
51.0904 – Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic).
51.0816 – 51
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.
A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of speech-language pathologists, to assist in the provision of speech-language pathology services to individuals of all ages, including screenings and assessments, following treatment plans or protocols, documenting and reporting patient performance, performing checks and maintenance of equipment, and providing support in research projects. Includes instruction in speech and language development, phonetics, childhood and adult communication disorders, speech and hearing screening, and clinical procedures in speech-language pathology.
13.1012 – Education/Teaching of Individuals with Speech or Language Impairments., 51.0203 – Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist., 51.0204 – Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist.
51.0904 – 51
Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic).
A program that prepares individuals, under the remote supervision of physicians, to recognize, assess, and manage medical emergencies in prehospital settings and to supervise Ambulance personnel. Includes instruction in basic, intermediate, and advanced EMT procedures; emergency surgical procedures; medical triage; rescue operations; crisis scene management and personnel supervision; equipment operation and maintenance; patient stabilization, monitoring, and care; drug administration; identification and preliminary diagnosis of diseases and injuries; communication and computer operations; basic anatomy, physiology, pathology, and toxicology; and professional standards and regulations.
51.0810 – Emergency Care Attendant (EMT Ambulance).
51.0909 – 51
Surgical Technology/Technologist.
A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians and surgical nurses, to maintain, monitor, and enforce the sterile field and adherence to aseptic technique by preoperative, surgical team, and postoperative personnel. Includes instruction in instrument and equipment sterilization and handling, surgical supplies management, wound exposure and closure, surgical computer and robot operation and monitoring, maintenance of hemostasis, and patient and team scrubbing.
51.1012 – Sterile Processing Technology/Technician.
51.0913 – 51
Athletic Training/Trainer.
A program that prepares individuals to work in consultation with, and under the supervision of physicians to prevent and treat sports injuries and associated conditions. Includes instruction in the identification, evaluation, and treatment of athletic injuries and illnesses; first aid and emergency care; therapeutic exercise; anatomy and physiology; exercise physiology; kinesiology and biomechanics; nutrition; sports psychology; personal and community health; knowledge of various sports and their biomechanical and physiological demands; and applicable professional standards and regulations.
26.0908 – Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology., 31.0505 – Exercise Science and Kinesiology., 31.0507 – Physical Fitness Technician.
51.0914 – 51
Gene/Genetic Therapy.
A program that focuses on the application of genetics to the therapeutic treatment of diseases and inherited abnormalities through the targeted modification of gene expression, and prepares individuals to administer genetic therapies. Includes instruction in medical genetics, genome analysis, pharmacology of gene transfer, viral vectors, nonviral therapeutic techniques, genetic screening, targeted gene delivery, vector production, safety and quality assurance, clinical trials management, and bioethics.
51.1509 – Genetic Counseling/Counselor., 26.0806 – Human/Medical Genetics.
51.1004 – 51
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician.
A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of clinical laboratory scientists/medical technologists, to perform routine medical laboratory procedures and tests and to apply preset strategies to record and analyze data. Includes instruction in general laboratory procedures and skills; laboratory mathematics; medical computer applications; interpersonal and communications skills; and the basic principles of hematology, medical microbiology, immunohematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, and urinalysis.
41.0101 – Biology/Biotechnology Technology/Technician., 51.0802 – Clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant.
51.1005 – 51
Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist.
A program that prepares individuals to conduct and supervise complex medical tests, clinical trials, and research experiments; manage clinical laboratories; and consult with physicians and clinical researchers on diagnoses, disease causation and spread, and research outcomes. Includes instruction in the theory and practice of hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, immunohematology, physiological relationships to test results, laboratory procedures and quality assurance controls, test and research design and implementation, analytic techniques, laboratory management, data development and reporting, medical informatics, and professional standards and regulations.
51.0719 – Clinical Research Coordinator.
51.1010 – 51
Cytogenetics/Genetics/Clinical Genetics Technology/Technologist.
A program that prepares individuals to perform analyses of the human genome and chromosomes for the research and diagnosis of genetic diseases and defects, in preparation for organ transplants, and in support of treatments for cancers and leukemias. Includes instruction in chromosome analysis, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), molecular genetic techniques, cytotechnology, and photomicrography.
26.0806 – Human/Medical Genetics.
51.1012 – 51
Sterile Processing Technology/Technician.
A program that prepares individuals to clean, sterilize, and assemble surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies for use in operating rooms and other medical and surgical facilities. Includes instruction in sterilization; infection control; decontamination; and surgical instrumentation processing, distribution, and record-keeping.
51.0909 – Surgical Technology/Technologist.
51.1199 – 51
Health/Medical Preparatory Programs, Other.
Any instructional program in health and medical professional preparation not listed above.
01.1302 – Pre-Veterinary Studies.
51.1403 – 51
Pain Management.
A post-residency program of study that prepares physicians in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Includes instruction in anesthesiology, pain assessment, pain classification and diagnosis, pain neuroscience, palliative and end-of-life care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry of pain, pain pharmacology, public policy, and legal issues of pain management.
61.0210 – Pain Medicine Fellowship Program.
51.1503 – 51
Clinical/Medical Social Work.
A program that prepares individuals for the specialized professional practice of social work, in collaboration with other health care professionals, in hospitals and other health care facilities and organizations. Includes instruction in social work, psychiatric case work, clinical interviewing techniques, therapeutic intervention strategies, patient testing and evaluation, patient and family counseling, social rehabilitation, patient care planning, record-keeping, and support services liaison.
44.0701 – Social Work.
51.1505 – 51
Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling.
A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of marriage and family therapy, involving the diagnosis of cognitive, affective, and behavioral domain disorders, both mental and emotional, within the context of marriage and family systems and the application of short- and long-term therapeutic strategies in family group contexts. Includes instruction in psychotherapy, family systems and studies, small group intervention and therapy, marital problems, depression, identification of psychopathologies and behavioral disorders, holistic health care, practice management, applicable regulations, and professional standards and ethics.
42.2811 – Family Psychology., 19.0704 – Family Systems.
51.1506 – 51
Clinical Pastoral Counseling/Patient Counseling.
A program that prepares individuals, including but not limited to, ordained clergy and other counseling professionals to respond to the emotional and/or spiritual needs of patients and families in health care emergencies and other situations, and to consult with and counsel other health care professionals. Includes instruction in advanced interpersonal communication; individual and small group counseling; interdisciplinary teamwork; crisis management; extended care relationships; self-analysis; medical ethics; pastoral care art; spiritual dimensions of human growth and health; counseling psychology and therapy; and applications to grief, death, emotional collapse, injury, individual/family adjustment, and chronic illness situations.
39.0701 – Pastoral Studies/Counseling.
51.1508 – 51
Mental Health Counseling/Counselor.
A program that prepares individuals to provide evaluations, referrals, and short-term counseling services to help people prevent or remediate personal problems, conflicts, and emotional crises. Includes instruction in human development, psychopathology, individual and group counseling, personality theory, career assessment, patient screening and referral, observation and testing techniques, interviewing skills, professional standards and ethics, and applicable laws and regulations.
42.2803 – Counseling Psychology.
51.1509 – 51
Genetic Counseling/Counselor.
A program that prepares individuals to counsel patients and families concerning inherited genetic disorders and diseases; assess risk factors and planning options associated with potential and actual inherited conditions; and serve as patient advocates and provide referral services in relation to private and public support services. Includes instruction in clinical/medical genetics, methods of genetic testing, interviewing and counseling skills, genetic and support services delivery, principles of public health, medical ethics, law and regulations, patient advocacy, and professional standards.
51.0914 – Gene/Genetic Therapy., 26.0806 – Human/Medical Genetics.
51.2003 – 51
Pharmaceutics and Drug Design.
A program that focuses on the scientific study of the formulation of medicinal substances into product vehicles capable of being stored, transported, and then introduced into the patient and behaving in ways optimal to therapeutic interaction. Includes instruction in statistics, biopharmaceutics, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, physical pharmacy, pharmacological analysis, drug design and development, pharmacological biotechnology, chemical separations, spectroscopy, drug-host interactions, immunology, quantitative drug measurement, enzymatic transformations, and metabolic excretion.
26.1001 – Pharmacology.
Examples: – Pharmaceutics and Drug Design (MS), – Pharmaceutics and Drug Design (PhD)
51.2010 – 51
Pharmaceutical Sciences.
A program that focuses on the basic sciences that underlie drugs and drug therapy and that prepares individuals for further study and/or careers in pharmaceutical science and research, pharmaceutical administration and sales, biotechnology, drug manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and related fields. Includes instruction in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and toxicology, dosage formulation, manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulations.
26.1001 – Pharmacology.
51.2201 – 51
Public Health, General.
A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, manage, and evaluate public health care services; to function as public health professionals in public agencies, the private sector, and other settings; and to provide leadership in the field of public health. Includes instruction in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health principles, preventive medicine, health policy and regulations, health care services and related administrative functions, public health law enforcement, health economics and budgeting, public communications, and professional standards and ethics.
26.1309 – Epidemiology., 44.0503 – Health Policy Analysis.
Examples: – Public Health, General (MPH), – Public Health, General (DPH)
51.2205 – 51
Health/Medical Physics.
A program that focuses on the application of physics, nuclear science, and engineering physics to diagnostic, treatment, and therapeutic processes and public health protection. Includes instruction in radiation biophysics, biophysics, health effects of natural and artificially induced radiation, hazard evaluation, environmental radioactivity, nuclear physics, engineering physics, radiobiology, medical radiology, calibration and dosage theory, computer applications and medical informatics, and specific research problems.
26.0203 – Biophysics.
Examples: – Biomedical Physics
51.2210 – 51
International Public Health/International Health.
A program that focuses on the application of public health specializations, the social and behavioral sciences, and policy and communications methods to the study of health problems in low- and middle-income countries and regions, and prepares individuals to function as professional international health specialists. Includes instruction in health education and promotion, research design and evaluation, infectious disease epidemiology, international health policy and management, public nutrition and food security, information systems, program evaluation, medical anthropology, international communication, behavioral sciences, maternal and child health, demography and population policy, and health care finance and economics.
26.0509 – Infectious Disease and Global Health.
Examples: – Global Health
51.2299 – 51
Public Health, Other.
Any instructional program in public health not listed above.
51.0504 – Dental Public Health and Education., 26.1309 – Epidemiology., 44.0503 – Health Policy Analysis.
51.2302 – 51
Dance Therapy/Therapist.
A program that prepares individuals, in consultation with other rehabilitation team members or in private practice, to use the therapeutic application of creative dance movement to assist in promoting client rehabilitation and physical, emotional, and mental health. Includes instruction in neuroanatomy, personality development, movement and motor behavior, psychology, dance, creative expression modalities, improvisation, group psychology and leadership, client evaluation and supervision, dance therapy practice, and professional standards and ethics.
51.3601 – Movement Therapy and Movement Education.
51.2311 – 51
A program that prepares individuals, under the direction of physicians, to treat the effects of disease, injury, and congenital disorders through therapeutic exercise and education. Includes instruction in human anatomy, human physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, therapeutic exercise and adapted physical education, human growth and development, motor learning and performance, testing and measurement, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, psychology, rehabilitation procedures, patient assessment and management, and professional standards and ethics.
31.0505 – Exercise Science and Kinesiology.
51.2315 – 51
Drama Therapy/Therapist.
A program that prepares individuals, in association with a rehabilitation team or in private practice, to use dramatic play, theater, role play, psychodrama, and dramatic ritual in therapeutic relationships to address the physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional, and social needs of clients. Includes instruction in drama theory and performance, human growth and development, biomedical sciences, abnormal psychology, disabling conditions, patient assessment and diagnosis, treatment plan development and implementation, clinical evaluation, record-keeping, and professional standards and ethics.
50.0599 – Dramatic/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, Other.
51.2706 – 51
Medical Informatics.
A program that focuses on the application of computer science and software engineering to medical research and clinical information technology support, and the development of advanced imaging, database, and decision systems. Includes instruction in computer science, health information systems architecture, medical knowledge structures, medical language and image processing, quantitative medical decision modeling, imaging techniques, electronic medical records, medical research systems, clinical decision support, and informatics aspects of specific research and practice problems.
26.1103 – Bioinformatics., 11.0104 – Informatics.
Examples: – Biomedical Informatics, – Health Informatics, – Dental Informatics, – Nursing Informatics
51.3102 – 51
Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist.
A program that prepares individuals to apply the principles of dietetics and the biomedical and nutrition sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs as part of clinical treatment and therapy programs, and to manage health care facility food services. Includes instruction in human nutrition, nutrient metabolism, the role of foods and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention, nutrition as a treatment regime, planning and directing hospital food service programs, diet and nutrition analysis and planning, supervision of food storage and preparation, special diets, client education, and professional standards and regulations.
19.0504 – Human Nutrition., 30.1901 – Nutrition Sciences.
51.3201 – 51
Bioethics/Medical Ethics.
A program that focuses on the application of ethics, religion, jurisprudence, and the social sciences to the analysis of health care issues, clinical decision making, and research procedures. Includes instruction in philosophical ethics, moral value, medical sociology, theology, spirituality and health, policy analysis, decision theory, and applications to problems such as death and dying, therapeutic relationships, organ transplantation, human and animal subjects, reproduction and fertility, health care justice, cultural sensitivity, needs assessment, professionalism, conflict of interest, chaplaincy, and clinical or emergency procedures.
38.0104 – Applied and Professional Ethics.
51.3202 – 51
Health Professions Education.
A program that focuses on education and administration leadership skills for clinical educators across health professions and specialties. Includes instruction in academic leadership, assessment, clinical decision making, curriculum development, ethics, primary care education, program evaluation, research methods, and statistics.
61.0207 – Medical Education Fellowship Program.
Examples: – Teaching Certificate for Pharmacists, – Medical Education Teaching
51.3205 – 51
History of Medicine.
A program that focuses on the historical evolution and socio-economic context of medical theories, education, practices, and technologies; and on the history of diseases, therapeutics, patients, and healers. Includes instruction in the concepts and methods of the historiography of medicine; the history of science, medicine, and technology; and of research methods in the history of medicine.
54.0104 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology., 30.1501 – Science, Technology and Society.
51.3299 – 51
Health Professions Education, Ethics, and Humanities, Other.
Any instructional program in health professions education, ethics, and humanities not listed above.
54.0104 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology., 30.1501 – Science, Technology and Society., 45.0203 – Medical Anthropology.
51.3601 – 51
Movement Therapy and Movement Education.
A program that prepares individuals to use functional and expressive integration strategies to help promote somatic awareness and optimal psychophysical functioning. Includes instruction in skilled touch techniques, kinesthetic awareness processes, movement observation, patterning, client assessment and guidance, verbal and nonverbal communication, practice management, professional standards and ethics, and specific therapeutic and educational modalities
51.2302 – Dance Therapy/Therapist.

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