Yes but we knew that long before someone measured and theorized about that.

Yes but we knew that long before someone measured and theorized about that.

If anything, Science is generally providing evidence for common sense. It’s a good thing. Sometimes they discover answers that go against common sense and we’re surprised. That’s also good and it helps to change our common sense.

As long as it sticks to what is measurable and observable, it will do fine.



I’d say engineering and technology has more than Science, although education of science most definitely.

Science is good for telling us why. Engineering was around long before the Sciences as you can do engineering based upon heuristics rather than theory.

Rather, I think the credit goes to improvements in engineering methodologies and industry and technologies as they brought the engineering feats and the new knowledge discoveries of science to the common people.

In the Byzantine period, such knowledge was the realm of the holders of power.

Before the Byzantine period, it was the realm of groups like the Magi.



We see it today as well, although thankfully we have patent laws which allow for the spread of knowledge, even if you are forbidden to use that knowledge for profit.

But then, there’s allowable corporate secrecy which doesn’t fall under patent law… and I won’t go into the efforts done within military organizations.

Thankfully, DARPA has been fantastic with sharing. I give most of the credit due to the efforts of Grace Hopper in that regard.

She fought against forces that wanted to keep knowledge to areas within military departments… and later on, those who wanted to keep the knowledge within the corporate industries as proprietary knowledge, proprietary code.



Prick a little deeper into the line-of-history you received (same one I received in school) and things are a little more complicated than the pure superiority of science over [x]. There’s a lot of things all muddled up in that telling of history where credit is more properly shared among many historical forces and individuals and groups.



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