yeah the discussion of wangs came up, during an IQ talk – no surprise.

Always MR SCIENCE and trying to answer questions dispassionately, I figured I’d give these normally embarassing ones a try… so here’s my half of a conversation with a bunch of people in a philosophy group where we were supposed to be talking about IQ.

my wang is within the average range for someone of my age and ethnicity. It was 1/2 that size at 11, doubled within a year or two, then got stuck there, resulting in 43 year old me having the same sized wang as when I was.. I dunno.. 13? 14? whatev.

It’s usually better to stand on your feet rather than your knees when using a urinal

The thing about urinals… unless you’re within a certain body range, they can be the wrong size.

I’m 6′ tall. Crotch is always in the wrong place compared to most standardized urinals. Taller ppl probably have bigger problems.

Worst is when the only urinal left is the kid’s urinal. Zero privacy… not that there’s much anyway.. and if I’m not careful, I can accidentally splatter the wall.

Funny moments in uncle-dom: when nephew was 6, he says, “you know that thing that happens when you’re trying to go to the bathroom and it’s pointing the wrong way and you pee on your face? I hate that!”

He’s turning 10. He’d kill me if I reminded him of that story. Anyway, penis size and IQ have nothing to do with another. Also, foot size, nose size, middle finger size… none of these indicate penis size. Yet you still hear women saying, “Oh he’s got big feet! Ooooh!” or “Look at the HANDS on that one! Ooooh!”.

Being mentally undressed by anyone is awkwardness.

Besides, different people’s penises “fold skin” differently, so the flaccid length isn’t any indication of erect length anyway. irish-scotch-english descent… there’s a lot of folds. But what matters is the unfolding anyway.

yeah, I’m getting ready for the day nephew asks those kinds of questions, probably a few years, hence the emotionless language. and.. I like being Mr. Science about things.

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