^Yeah, so I was going through^

^Yeah, so I was going through the library, looking up and down the stacks to see what caught my eye and stumbled upon one of my "Leaky Triangle" idea that I started putting my thoughts of on http://system-of-systems.com – and there it was: one of my leaky triangles, just sitting on the front cover of this 1200 page behemoth by Steven Wolfram – yeah the guy behind Wolfram|Alpha – and was like "doh!" – someone way smarter than me beat me to it! And thank goodness. While I suspect I'll end up disagreeing with the randomness side (to me randomness is the pattern that best describes what things look like when we don't understand them – and things we don't understand often looks alike) – but his stuff on Cellular Automata will keep me busy til I get through this monster of a book.

Do I expect him to have "the answers" I was looking for? Nope. But I expect he'll at least give me something to work from, someone who is perhaps just as nutty as me but with far far more genius than I'll ever have.^

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