Yeah, since I never left, that probably keeps me as a member. Orthodox among others.

Yeah, since I never left, that probably keeps me as a member. Orthodox among others.
I was baptised Catholic in the hospital because I was a premie.
Then I was baptised Methodist because I went to the Methodist church. .
Then I joined a few other churches along the way – Unitarian, I think I was Bahai’ for a short bit, might have been Episcopal or almost.. and I think I had some Quaker / Society of Friends thing – with some Vipassana meditation in the middle…
.. and one day when I was working (temp job) for a Roman Catholic university (Seton Hall U in NJ), I was going to noon mass everyday with the priests-in-training, talking to the different instructors, reading the Catechism and was real close to joining..
..and during a lunch break instead of going to the deli, I stayed in my data-entry job room and flipped through the Yellow Pages.
I was looking at ALL the different Churches to see if I missed any.
This was in 1993/4-ish when the internet was barely there – Webpages didn’t exist yet even, just mailing lists and Usenet and BBS’. OJ Simpson trial was going on.
I recognized everything except for one: Orthodox. with all these nationalities next to them.
“Orthodox? That sounds interesting – and hey, Carpatho-Rusyn sounds interesting”.
I called up, sneaking a phone call in (I wasn’t allowed to make personal phone calls but everybody was out to lunch)
“Hi this is Matushka, Father is out blessing houses and isn’t available right now.”
I got immediately excited. House blessings! Only house blessings I knew were Wiccan. And when I found out Matushka meant priest’s wife (I asked), I thought “wow, that’s so much healthier to have married priests!”
So that got me interested and after one visit to a service, I was hooked. It had the right ‘vibe’ I needed at that time.
After a year of study, joining the ORTHODOX mailing list in 1994 where I met (online) Photini Henderson, and many other amazing people and going through everything the priest of that parish asked me to do – it wasn’t a converts church so they weren’t used to new people but they were warm and welcoming – I was annointed, after some question as to whether they’d accept my Methodist baptism as valid… which they did.
That led to a 5-6 year obsession. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Yeah same kind of divergent/convergent paths
I started referring to myself as agnostic somewhere about 15 years ago; it was easier than trying to explain what I didn’t fully know how to explain to myself; all I could say is “not atheist. Agnostic” and I’d be firm on that point. The ‘don’t know’ aspect is a big one for me.

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