yeah, see, that’s an immature, unreasonable position.

yeah, see, that’s an immature, unreasonable position.

You can’t run a society on bumper sticker sized slogans

I assume the NRA isn’t paying you a check, so you don’t have to write their words.
I have excellent hand-eye coordination for playing the piano, typing (110 wpm) for example.
But I can do those with my eyes closed as well as open.
I use my glasses. Since becoming middle aged, my focal point is no longer 1/2 an inch away from my face and is now about 4-5 inches away, so I can gloriously use my phone WITHOUT glasses which is wonderful. I look silly doing it, but I don’t care.
What is unreasonable?
The idea that nothing can be done to prevent a law-abiding gun owner from becoming a non law-abiding gun owner until after they become a non law abiding gun owner.
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