Yeah, life’s like that. I go from thing to thing

Yeah, life’s like that. I go from thing to thing. Temp jobs were good for me in NJ. One temp job ended me up in a systems analyst position and I asked for the max ’cause I didn’t care about it. I was doing courses to become a special ed teacher, middle school and never cared about the job. But, it worked out. $60000/yr for a few years, learned stocks, had fun. Ended up ditching it and putting a house together in FL with like 12 ppl in it, running a business for my brother so he can do animal trapping and I’m living 5 miles north of the Everglades working from home.

Not even my dream.. I’m living someone else’s dream.

But I’m usually living someone else’s dream. My interest has always been connecting with ppl online, encouraging creativity and ppl finding their passion and pursuing it.

The money thing never made sense to me. I think we get lied to when we’re young about “do what you love and the money will follow” ’cause yea, I think that’s BS.

It’s as BS as the “get a diploma and your problems are solved”.

Look how many PhD’s just struggle to get a book published? For some PhD’s, that’s ALL they can do with their degrees. Give talks, promote themselves, write books. Eh.

One book that’s helped is “What Color is your parachute?” – the dude updates it every year. Teaches you about transferrable skills and stuff and you get to know a little better what your capabilities are in general so you can find at least SOME “ok-ness” with whatever you’re stuck doing to make cash.


Oh I agree. I think the trend is fantastic and things like Kickstarter and the like make it REALLY easy to generate enough capital, if you can write it up convincingly.

I mean, you can make money at whatever you’re good at. Like with me, I’m a data nut. I love data, Excel, databases, tons of facts, just throw it at me and I’ll sort it out.

Everything I ever did I’d find SOME way to incorporate that in.

But, I’m passionate about helping people get out of their ruts in life, cause we’re all stuck in one somehow.

Yet, what money in that? Public speaking? Eh. Books? eh, not organized enough.

So, instead of it being a money maker, I just do it anyway.

It’s not that I _couldn’t_ make $ at it. I could make big $. I know the steps. I’ve studied it. I could even start a cult/religion: I know the steps there too and it’s not hard and it’s a way to make money.

But the ethics of it stop me, so I don’t do it for money.


Best answer I have for anything is: “I don’t know”. It’s universal. Works for everything. So, if I come across as if I’m trying to be a role model or teach something, I’m really not. I’m more like a doctor’s case study, where they’re like, “And here’s the case of patient [x] with these strange symptoms”. So, I’m just sharing and I appreciate the audience like emoticon



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