Yeah. It kept everybody off my back. Nobody knew what that was or what to make of it so it gave me space.

Yeah. It kept everybody off my back. Nobody knew what that was or what to make of it so it gave me space.

Honest assessment of my past has been the best freedom. Shame? Embarrassment? What’s that? and hey did you say D E N I M and H I G H T O P S? Also, am I girl or boy or straight or gay? Who cares! I’m still stuck in 2137AD.


80s. skinny jeans, fedora, skinny tie… even said m’lady sometimes. All that shit came from somewhere and sadly, I was part of that.

Yup. #askmeanything – tech nerd 8-bit whiz kid who had to suffer through shit songs nobody has to hear anymore – the worst are worse than the worst 80s meme songs. But the good 80s nostalgia music is good.

It was New Jersey and you had to be tough but it’s a different kind of tough than movies. Wits mostly. I knew it would scare some people (common minded) into staying away from me (they might catch the gay but it’s not really gay – it’s bi, so maybe he has a girlfriend so it’s cool. but I dunno man)…. and the open-minded were like “you’re yourself – awesome!”.

I was also “confession booth” for the common minded for every stray questioning-their-sexuality thought they had. Luckily, I have a guidance counsellor’s temperament.

Had no choice. That WAS me trying to be normal and fit in. If I REALLY was myself, I think I’d probably frighten even myself. Still that way. Being weird doesn’t have an on-off-switch. Just how I am. I’m normal for me… and trying to be THEIR normal too was hard but I do the best I can.

I envy furries, cosplayers, fandom, geeks and nerds, sports fanatics, gearheads, fashionistas (fashion nerds), fandoms, who dive in 100%. They’re at a level I can’t go. But I’m good in the awkward zone here

Thanks – and thanks for letting me autobiopic. I don’t talk about that stuff much so it’s cathartic to be heard. Usually I’m in service to others’ needs to talk, so thanks!


childhood’s definitely a minefield of dealing with weird pervy adults. Mine was too. Bursts bubble of “the world of adults does not intersect with my world”. I don’t know if it can be fully prevented tbh although sites are better than they were with at least some safeguards / reporting stuff.

that is as long as you stay in the safety ropes.



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