Yeah. I went Vegan once.

I went Vegan for a girlfriend once. [I was 18 – wow 1990, hippie college] anyway – it wasn’t difficult. But, I farted a lot for six months [it was Raw Food vegan too]

Anyway, I kept adding more food up the food chain over a period of six more months until I got up to chicken. She couldn’t kiss chicken lips.

Oh well. Her loss.

I like veggies. I like steak. I like salad. Genetically modified Cow? Sure, why not? It goes right along with the GMO Soy protein granules we throw into ground beef to stretch it sometimes.

I’m ok with it.

As long as there continue to be watchdog groups that keep an eye on humane treatment in slaughterhouses, and there are plenty of them who watch – I’m ok with my steak. No ethical difficulties for me.

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