yeah – i went through a musical instruments phase

Oh! I had a phase of that! It got expensive In the late 90s, I was ordering cheap musical instruments from eBay (a Cello even), spending a few weeks getting “good enough” for my satisfaction, then reselling it locally for a profit [part of my ‘addicted to making money phase]

I had a band teacher that made me play almost all of the major band instruments, except for flute and drums. My mainstay is keyboard/piano, but if you give me some plastic cups, I’ll make a song up. It’s more of a curse than an addiction

I was supposed to go to Julliard Music school when I was 10. After some fancy piano lessons, I told my mother, “PLEASE NO, PLEASE”, because I could see the perfect practice required… and I saw the kids on stage and the grownup performers… and they just didn’t seem happy enough to me.

I’m glad she agreed. A music career would have been something I could *do*… but it wouldn’t have been my dream.

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