Yeah, I mean I traveled that “True Church” route as logically as I could.

Yeah, I mean I traveled that “True Church” route as logically as I could.

Raised Methodist, although it could’ve been any general purpose Christian church I suppose. Dabbled in New Age stuff as a pre-teen/young teenager (my grandmother was a bit into that – Edgar Cayce, ancient aliens and stuff, Yoga)

A teacher introduced me to Bahai in high school for a little bit.

At college, I was introduced to Unitarian Universalist. Hung around it for a bit. A little Vipassana meditation, some Quaker, a pinch of talks with Muslim folks knowledged in Islam and Jewish friends about Judaism, Episcopalian, then I got a job at a Roman Catholic University. [Seton Hall] as data entry.

Hung out with the priests-in-training at lunchtime. Got a catechism book. Talked with a bunch of theological folk whenever I had free time (I’d stay later – it was free college for me in a way).

Just as I was about to join, I looked in the yellow pages at work during lunch hour to see if I missed anybody interesting. Saw this thing called “Orthodox”. Called them up. Priest’s wife answered. Said Father was blessing houses. Had to check it out. Liked it. Stuck around for 5-6 years, a short time in a monastery, then by 30, I got into Osho, then I was Mr. Science for like 10 years, and now I just tell people “I’m agnostic” ’cause I’m not atheist yet I’m not affiliated with anybody. Just figuring stuff out as I go.

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