Yeah, I don’t see any real link between wisdom and age that’s valid. It’s culturally embedded ageism.

Yeah, I don’t see any real link between wisdom and age that’s valid. It’s culturally embedded ageism.

The brain is gooey and moves and shifts throughout our lifetimes, changing configurations. It’s not the neat and clean drawing from 100 yrs ago that ppl use as a “map of the brain”. That’s a stereotypical brain but they’re much more strangely fluid (well, gooey) than that.

[we see preserved brains – they’re not normally like that]

So can you be wise as a teenager? an adult? a kid? yes you can.

There’s no way to measure depth of experience. You can have a strong experience or realization when you are young that is wisdom. You can make connections between things that everybody else is missing when you are young.

You can spend your whole live going in circles and experience very little wisdom.

I don’t think there’s a correlation.

That being said, if you’re BROAD minded (which you can be at any age), you’re more free to make lateral connections between ideas.

The more we learn and digest about ourselves and the world around is, we can sometimes gain a broadness that can lead to greater wisdom than we had before.

Yet also, we can become more narrow minded and LOSE our wisdom due to lack of using it, thinking more stereotypically rather than less, etc.

Often lateral thinking increases in the elderly because their axions have thinner sheathing.

With thinner sheathing, comes more cross connections, a broader view of reality, greater wisdom.

So for many, that’s the source of elderly wisdom. It’s not a negative at all.

So, many ways to get there.


Some people mistake “wisdom’ for “worldiness”.
This is why I don’t think “number of experiences” makes much of a difference.

“Your future life is hidden in your daily routine.”

That was one of my shower-thoughts when I was 14 yrs old.

I’m 44 years old now. Is that statement any less wise then than it is now? No.

Age doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to wisdom and neither does brain development stage to be honest.

It’s all about understanding things on a deep level.

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