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I appreciate learning about the name of Sybil Ludington* from Danbury, CT as I believe I have some family history that goes to colonial times in Danbury, CT, which will inspire me to see if there is a family connection to me.

I also appreciate learning some of the lesser celebrated details of Harriet Tubman’s work as an unpaid nurse during the Civil War, as well as First Lady Michele Obama’s focus on military families. I was aware of her work in revamping the school lunch programs to be healthier but was unaware of her work to support military families; perhaps not seen as glamorous or noteworthy enough to report on yet is so very significant, thankless work.

* I’ve now learned that Sybil Ogden is my 5th cousin 6 times removed. Thank you. Having access to records that help me build a detailed genealogy is very much a privilege.

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