Based on the excerpts provided, some key artifacts mentioned in the text include:

– Photographs/images: There are several photographs, such as those of Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Eckford during the Little Rock school integration, women defense workers during WWII, etc. These could be described by providing the subject matter, date, photographer/source, and context in which the image was captured.

– Oral history interviews: The text includes transcribed excerpts from oral history interviews with civil rights activists like Diane Nash, Vivian Leburg Rothstein, Mary Dora Jones, and Earline Boyd. These could be cited by providing the interviewee’s name and background, interviewer, date conducted, archive source, and summarized content.

– Letters/writings: Examples are the letter written by activist Vivian Leburg Rothstein to her mother from jail, and the “Women in the Movement” paper written by Casey Hayden and Mary King. These could be cited by providing the author, recipient (if applicable), date, source location, and summary of key contents.

– Government records: The text mentions government reports like that of the U.S. Women’s Bureau on women’s postwar employment plans in 1946. These could be cited by providing the agency name, report title, publication details, and overview of findings.

– Magazine articles: The Ladies Home Journal forum “Should Mothers of Young Children Work?” is excerpted. This could be cited by providing the article title, magazine name, date published, author(s), and key perspectives covered.

– Books: The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan is discussed. In citing this, one could provide the full book title and publication details, a brief description of its contents/arguments, and its significance.

In an academic paper, the full citation would be provided in first mention, along with necessary context about the artifact’s origins, purpose, authorship, etc. Descriptions should be objective and free of value judgements. Images would typically be included as figures, properly labeled, referenced, and described.

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