Wow wow and wow. This would

^Wow wow and wow. This would mean little to most people but a lot to me. As a teenager, being custodian for local church (7 days a week after school), I wasted some time in the reading room with a book called "Youth: The Years from 10-16" that was old even then – it's from 1956 (I was a working there in the mid/late 1980s).

Anyway, after reminiscing about the book in a comment, I thought, "heck, you can find EVERYTHING online if you look hard enough. And, son-of-a-gun, this old book, complete with references like "At 14, jazz and classical music vie for each other in popularity" – but even AT 13 in 1985, I knew to substitute "heavy metal" and "pop rock" from this 1956 book.

I'm remembering now – I got to take a "peek" at my future (through 16) and got to check my present (to see if I was normal – and I was perfectly normal) – and my past back to 10 (to make sure I didn't miss anything)

So here it is, old book that helped me through adolescence – and helped me understand myself and my friends and the strange ways we all had:^

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