… would THAT not be a troll behavior?

You’re in a philosophy group.
You state, “Philosophy is simply a tool to pave the way for scientific discovery.”
This is a Philosophy forum.
This is not Scientific Discovery forum.
I enjoy the things you say here, but they are “troll-y”
Consider this: If you went into a Science forum and started talking about how Science’s externalist foundations inherently limit the Scientific Method, rendering Science only able to point out the obvious and measure it, and is merely a storytelling device that’s designed to be a replacement for other modes of knowledge inquiry and human understanding… would THAT not be a troll behavior?

I’m not saying I agree with what I wrote about, just giving an example by flipping it around.

I’m not being mean by calling the behavior troll-like. It’s just what I see. If I’m mistaken, I’ll stand corrected.

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