Worst part about being stuck as a human, we CAN’T know any other way

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Here’s the thing about truth from my perspective:

There are systems designed or discovered by humans to assess truth values. These systems not only point out our underlying reality but, from our human perspective, they ARE our reality.

We cannot know any other way.

This does not mean there is an untouchable reality for us.
This does not mean that we are continually deluding ourselves via social agreement.

But it does mean that we are forever limited in our certainties.

Pragmatically however, we have to go with what we have. Our limitations are what they are. Overlapping maps describing the same territories are our best hope for truth discovery because we can only know the territories via the maps we produce and things missing from one map may exist on another, with no singular map capable of describing all of reality as we perceive it.

The closest I’ve come to is that of metaphor. Analogy. The way we compress our knowledge, histories and experiences into ourselves, linking concept to concept as best we can.

Do we touch truth objectively? It’s likely we do. Do we touch truth subjectively? It’s likely we do. Early philosophers were keen on experiential data.

Human bias is, in my estimation, impossible to eliminate because, no matter how good the systems, they’re still human systems.

Yet, we have no other perspectives to compare it to.

So we’re stuck with our little mathematics, logic, the toys we create the manipulate electrons and light across long spaces around copper wires, strands of glass and across radio waves.

It’s not ideal but it’s the best we can do with what we have at hand.

Worst part about being stuck as a human, we CAN’T know any other way. Even if another species was to tell us something we can’t conceive with our human limitations, it would have to be interpreted into a manner that we COULD understand… bringing us closer to truths we’re incapable of perceiving, but still not touching THEIR understandings, because they’ve been dumbed down for us.

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