worrying about what people will think… Be the surprising counter example then.

worrying about what people will think…
Be the surprising counter example then.

How much knowledge before granted opinion license, SJW censor?

I’ll get the black glasses and blue hair dye for the OP because i smell a right-wing SJW on the prowl.

Although, it’s like how right wing Amercans spoiled my civic patriotism.

I just want to know “how much” knowledge is ok. I have opinions. I have knowledge. But how much is enough?

Do I have to be full on gun nerd? Can I have casual knowledge?


Ok, so you’re *actually* implying a specific issue.

So, this post is really about auto vs semi and dem vs rep gun control legislation?

ok, you’re starting in the middle. Gun control isn’t an issue I have much opinion on. I’m a nerd about a lot of things but not a nerd about guns and gun control.

For example, “assault weapons are not real and basic functions” doesn’t mean anything to me.


You might as well ask my opinion on 3rd generation pokemon stats.

Ok. This is a REALLY gun nerdy hill. I’ll read it and try to learn a few things but it’s like Pokemon stats or Overwatch vs TF2 / Roblox vs Minecraft / is my meme dank enough stuff.

But carry on and I’ll learn.

No offense intended when I say “gun nerd”. Guys are usually nerds about something. It’s a compliment. It means you’re deep into it.


I made a quick read of Heller. (gun control stuff isn’t my thing). Wow, what a headache trying to catch up. I did come across this though, which I *think* was modified via executive order of Donald John T. recently but again, it’s not a focal issue of mine.


I know states have a pretty wide latitude in which to interpret 2nd amendment, whether mental health puts a person in a different class of citizen with regards to 2nd amendment (and other things), things like conceal laws, open carry, what’s safe transport of firearms, etc, yet certain things are upheld at the Fed level that states can’t modify.

It’s just knowing where lines are drawn is a headache



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