Working on yourself doesn’t work

Today’s the day after the first day of Spring, 2015.  [ok maybe it’s later  but this happened on the 1st day after the Vernal Equinox, 2015]

A pile of random notes on top of my dresser that I was sorting had a note from June 22, 2003, the day after the first day of Summer, 2003.

Earth Tilt Stuff.

I believe unconsciously we organize things in a way that makes sense, so this didn’t surprise me.  That small pile of tiny notes had been sitting up there for some time and I happened to knock it over, bringing it to my attention.

Anyway, on top was this:

“June 22, 2003:
“Working on yourself doesn’t work” by Ariel Kane.

It’s a book I didn’t read.  But I didn’t need to.  It’s about “Life in the moment”.  Ok. Got it.  And the message?  The timing was also good.

Never hurts to be reminded.

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