working on ‘change’ going between diff ais to build it.

working on ‘change’ going between diff ais to build it.

Here is the ontology of change in decimal outline format:

I. Fundamental Nature of Change
A. Change as intrinsic to being itself
B. Constant transformation underlies all apparent stability
C. Even continuity is sustained change
D. Change as perspectival
E. Renewal through destruction
F. Change as balance between stability and instability
G. Change as flux between order and disorder
H. Change as generative of novelty, diversity, emergence
I. Change as movement toward self-actualization

II. Scales of Change
A. Quantum
B. Subatomic
C. Molecular
D. Macromolecular
E. Cellular
F. Tissue
G. Organismic
1. Development and growth
2. Homeostatic regulation
3. Learning and adaptation
4. Reproduction and evolution
5. Species/morphological
H. Ecological
I. Planetary
1. Long term changes
J. Stellar
K. Universal

III. Drivers of Change
A. Thermodynamics
B. Entropy production
C. Self-organization
D. Feedback loops
E. Emergence of complexity
F. Interdependence and coevolution
G. Mutation
H. Necessity
I. Chance
J. Information – accumulation, transmission, modification
K. Relationships – changing connections and interactions
L. Internal tensions – imbalances, contradictions, conflict
M. Emergence
N. Interlevel feedback
O. Dissipative structures

IV. Theories of Change
A. Dialectics
B. Dynamical systems theory
C. Chaos/complexity sciences
D. Evolutionary theory
E. Relativity and quantum theories

V. Purpose and Direction
A. Self-organization
B. Co-evolution
C. Self-transcendence
D. Teleological evolution?
E. Increasing complexity?
F. Unity through diversification?

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