working on being unflappable.

I’m still working on that air-tight story. Part of my self-training to be unflappable I suppose.

So far, the most successful contexts seem to be historical, mythological, society, culture, religious, contextual, etc. Relativist without necessarily having to be pure relativism. In short, allowing for choice ultimately, including the choice to lie or mislead. We do it unconsciously, often in the heat of the moment, saying anything that sounds rationally plausable to the best of our abilities, in order to win over an intellectual foe.

But then, perhaps in clearer moments, see, “Well, while I may have won that battle, there *are* exceptions to what I’ve said.. and it’s really not entirely true, is it?”

or perhaps it’s just me and I’m an inconsistent hypocrite. I mean, I don’t *want* to be but I haven’t reached the level of Saint Kenneth quite just yet… although i hope to be free of cognitive bias someday.

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