Words have many layers. They’re not simple units of WORD=DEFINITION or X=Y.

Words have many layers.  They’re not simple units of WORD=DEFINITION or X=Y.

Words express concepts and have layers.

Allow me to present a Shell Game presented by many debaters online.  You’ve seen it and probably participated in it as well:

The words *PROOF*, *THEORY*, *FACT*

Instead of using a different word for a different concept, the _same_ word is *reused* to express two different concepts, depending on the *context*.

They have a set of meanings in common usage.

But the same words are reused in different circles where they have *particular* meanings.

And people will debate over this different to no end.

“Oh but in Science, a THEORY simply means: ‘insert specific definition here'”

“Yeah, but in regular usage THEORY means: insert common understanding of the word Theory”.

And back and forth they go.

What is a “Norm”?  What is “Weird”?  Depends on the context within which it’s used.

Turning them into “just words”, dissolves the emotion _implication_ of the words and they cease being a weapon because they’ve been melted down.

That’s all I am doing.

Language is not a series of definitions pitted against one another.  The rules of logic are fine when playing logic games.

But logic games are logic games.  Language is more flexible than logic games.

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