women’s expectations of self can get all messed up – barbie, disney but what can be done? not much

I’ve gotten mostly over it and accepted that “That’s Just How It Is”, but I used to shake my fist and rant about Disney and feeding unrealistic expectations into little girls that culminates in Bride-zillas who require the perfect wedding at all costs, (it’s their turn to be the Princess) an expectation of “One True Love” – and how many young marriages that probably shouldn’t be – are a result of that (boys believe it too because they saw the same stories and also believe in One True Love at the time)…

And they’re nice stories and all.. but there’s definitely a twisted side to it and decades of cognitive dissonance, misery and unhappiness for millions of women.

Can’t fix it. Just how it is, I suppose. So I stopped shaking my fist at it all because it’s a productive industry and generation after generation enjoy it.

Even the shape of Barbie doll; these things all help shape women’s expectations of themselves. Oh well. Can’t be fixed I suppose. [I found this the other day, as we were trying to figure out why Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian and the whole sexualization of women’s bodies has started up again, after the 90s where it was a little more tame.


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