Woke up with free will today.

When I was waking up, my brain kept showing me two alternating images: One was of a weird iPhone emoji that I never liked of two clone dancing girls wearing black leotards and bunny ears, but instead of their hands on their hips, except their hands were over their heads in a V shape and the arms were going to their rights, then back to middle, repeatedly, in a digital back and forth action.

The other image was a more stylized “V-shape” pivoting towards a continual “right”.

What the heck was that?  I was wondering.

Back and forth for I don’t know how long – perhaps 30 seconds?  Perhaps 2 seconds?  I don’t know.

Suddenly, it clicked in: If I flip my perspective around from watching them to BECOMING THEM, I had to pivot my upper body to the LEFT in order to get my body out of bed!

Imitate and then I’m out of bed.

I did it without my hands up, but otherwise the same motion, and, like a puppet, my body followed suit and was out of bed and I was standing up in no time…

…except it wasn’t like a puppet or a machine.  Why?

I had the choice.  I could’ve stayed in bed.

It was saying, “Want to get up?  This is how you get started.”

How do I know that?  It’s because it *was* how to get started.  Upper body to the left, other joints pivoting properly in turn, ending up through gravity and then pushing down at the Earth with my feet, to make the body machinery start upright.

All from a metaphorical emoji substituting for “me”.

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