Without a full scan of the page, I remain skeptical. A lie repeated frequently is still a lie

I’ve seen other references *to* it, since 1994, but nothing from before.

People regularly insert words and phrases into dead people’s mouths that they didn’t _quite_ say, which is why I search dilligently for it.

He *did* have an interview with John B Kennedy published in Collier’s Illustrated Issue 77 on January 30, 1926.

He _does_ say some of the things mentioned on that website you provided.

However, the original is under copyright and so it would take a series of successful searches through the limited google books window to reconstruct it in its whole.

Without a full scan of the page, I remain skeptical. A lie repeated frequently is still a lie. I’m not taking away from his genius. I just hate people being misquoted. I hope he was quoted correctly but Tesla has things added to his words CONSTANTLY and so that’s why I give extra effort with him.


Here is the bibliographic record. Maybe someone can get a scan.

It’s amazing that for so many people requoting this quote, there is not ONE FULL SCAN of it online.

I’ve seen it mentoned in various texts since 1994. They’re ALL written in “AMAZING TESLA UNDERRATED GENIUS” type books.

That makes me skeptical because people like to insert their own stuff into famous people’s mouths.

I’ll agree he said something *similar* but did he says exactly that?

I don’t know. Google Books only allows limited windows into this but I don’t trust rewrites from others who are also promoting the sale of their books on the subject.


Mind you, I _want it_ to be a true quote. But I’ve seen *so many people* hawking their own books about Tesla and sticking words in his mouth, just like they do with Einstein, that it’s maddening. I want an accurate picture of what he said, not “what I want to believe” about him.

and Yes, he’s underrated and yes, a lot of people make $$$ selling books exaggerating it using plausible source materials but I need more to stand behind the meme as accurate. That’s just me though. I’m anal about accuracy.



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