With excess individuality, communication can become difficult or impossible

When ppl have called me “weird” through the years and I would say, “Nuh uh, I AM AN _INDIVIDUAL!_” as they shook their heads,
I’ve concluded that there’s merit to their perspective of ‘norms’ vs ‘ weirdos’.
I mean, someone who observes or imagines a significance of the use of “Let me” in popular culture as an indication that there’s still some civility and politeness when all appearances seem to point otherwise, could make me a genius, an individual, a creative thinker, a weirdo or simply wrong [or even “not-even-wrong”] and I acknowledge that they’re all perfectly valid, along with other concepts I never considered.

With excess individuality, communication can become difficult or impossible, so one needs _some_ mediocrity to ensure communication, or at least an ability to analogize somewhat, in order to tie together different worldviews.

So back to the OP, by _nature_ I agree with the OP, but via EXPERIENCE, beating-to-my-own-drummer (that’s what the adults around me said when I was in grade school) _may_ have given me “greatness of character”…

…but to many, that simply means I am a great CARTOON character. And.. I’m oddly ok with that.

Perhaps though, in the end, I’m simply yet another mediocre Contrarian.

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