With each of them, I’ve explained my rationale.

I voted for HRC (early voting in Florida, USA , on Oct 24th at 9:30am). I have a number of friends online who are anti-Hillary – either pro-Trump, pro-Jill Stein, pro-something else, or abstaining from voting.

With each of them, I’ve explained my rationale. I call Sanders’ plan “Trojan horse” or “infect the Congress” for one part of the strategy. The other part, just as critical, is holding the President accountable for promises made. All of the people that went up to bat for her will hold her accountable to promises and so should we.

I’ll have to read your article in Translate  : I can read short articles in Spanish but I don’t trust myself on my own with longer articles. With the translation I can compare when I’m uncertain of the translation’s accuracy with your original.



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