Will the next president make a difference with ISIS and Global Warming?

I’ll give it a shot – I say: a strong federal government, which the USA has, resists major changes by having checks and balances, being rather slow to move with changes that directly affect the lives of citizens in a major way…. overall.

Global Warming activism has been on a train towards becoming a global awareness/change situation for a very long time now, at least since the early 1980s when I was a kid and first heard about it. There were (and are) contrasting theories but the momentum has grown to where the UN is involved, the Pope made announcements (or will) and large powers around the world are at least talking about it, and likely to introduce various legislation to do something, because there are millions of eyes watching.

ISIS, to me, is a threat for the military to take care of, and they are. Are they a threat to the USA directly or to the world? I don’t think so. They are a splinter, radical group that, like Al Qaeda before it, likes to take credit for things whether they did them or not. The major war they play is over the media and making threats. They enjoy it when we make them larger than life because Image is Power and we inflate it. It works for us as well, because having an Enemy helps keep military coffers full.

All that being said:
Global Warming is a real threat.
ISIS really does kill people and do nasty things.

Legislative power rests in the hands of the House and the Senate; President can advise, but that’s not much power in that way.

Yet, the President can declare war with or without Congressional approval, so whoever is President next will likely have a _direct_ affect on our decisions overseas.

Also, a president has the power to appoint judges, but that requires someone to die or retire. In that way, presidential influence can last for decades after they’re out of office.

So in short:
President MAY make a difference with regards to ISIS.
President will not have _as much_ influence on Global Warming legislation, but will have some.

Their biggest power is their face and their voice.

People listen. People make changes based on what they say which have little to do with the layout of the government.

So, as an inspirational force, the next President *does* make a difference, both to those who agree, and to those who vehemently disagree with whoever is next.

I also could’ve said, “No, I don’t know what is the greater threat.” I don’t believe either one will have a direct impact on the lives of most American citizens.

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