Will learn R using Sagemath to upgrade myself from Excel.

http://www.sagemath.org/links-components.html Here’s all of the components it incorporates into one place. It also allows you to use the syntax from a very large variety of languages including R.

I’m “behind” on this stuff, having to make do using Microsoft Excel, text editors, various database softwares, some online resources, whenever I want to accomplish a project. (I’m MANY years behind, having only done a LITTLE in Python, R and Javascript, or that graphing utility that uses the DOT lanuage whose name I forget)….

R has especially be on my “to learn” list, as the syntax reminds me of working in Excel. The bit I’ve done in Python tells me it’s super simple, so that shouldn’t be a roadblock.

I Just haven’t bothered to upgrade as my projects were simple and I have a process in place, but after seeing this, it’s worth upgrading my methods.

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