will AI take over? No.

I love Hawking but sometimes he’s a little over-the-top. I don’t worry because there are plenty of social forces in place that would prevent that from ever happening entirely to that degree.

I’ll give an example: pocket information devices would cause people to socially disengage and become a society of nerds.

Well, it happened! Here we are! And yet – it didn’t happen.

People are still partying, spending time with each other, doing pretty much the same things they did, with the ADDITION of something “more”.

“Robots will take over jobs”. Well, yes, they have and continue to. Those predictions were correct. And yet; it didn’t result in the conquest of society.

Spurring on the Ethical debate is a good thing. If Hawking didn’t say it, someone else would have – and they have. One of the jobs of Scientists is to go “If things continue the way they are, THE SKY WILL FALL! AND HERE’S THE PROOF!” so that people in power and regular people alike talk about it, work on it, and mitigate that potential future from happening.

So he’s doing his job well in that way.

Still though… does he believe it or is he a mouthpiece? I dunno.

What if scientists never said anything? Well, science FICTION writers have said it for years already. Even if scientists never raised the red flag, SOMEBODY would. What’s nice about it when scientists do it, is they add klout to the conversation. But the scientists aren’t in power; politicians are… and that’s the ears they have to bend, and they usually end up doing so.. through the People, who inform the politicians, “Yo, this matters to us”, at least in representative governments.

Oh well. I’m prattling on

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