Why would a group of people talk about me behind my back saying good things about me and trying to be helpful without telling me?

awesome – I hope you are successful.  Now, I will give a flip/flop speech:

I will say if you have an opportunity to go to University that’s paid for, it might be worth taking.

People, whether government loans or family, won’t pay for you after you’re a certain age, at least in the USA.  Past the age of 20 it’s hard, past 22, nearly impossible.

So there is a bit of a “magic time window” to get your foot in that’s nearly gone when you are past that age at least in the USA.  Its’ dumb but that’s how it’s set up.

[this part is more me]
All that being said, you’ve probably been in school your whole life and want to just get out of it.  And for that, I don’t blame you a bit.  I don’t think people should be forced to go to school for so long but I kinda think a lot of the reason why school is so many years is because society just doesn’t know what else to do with young people.  Stick them in a room together.  Tell them stuff.  Early stuff, sure.  Knowing math and science and languages is important early on.   Later stuff?  Not so sure how much it matters.  Some of it but not all of it.

You can be successful without a college diploma if you can prove yourself in other ways.  I don’t know if it’s easier or harder.  I didn’t finish all my college, so I can only go by what I know.  Would it have been easier with a degree?  No way to tell.  I did ok without so far, although getting respect is sometimes tricky when you most need it, which thankfully is rare.

I do know that people help you along the way.  Unexpected people.  That’s the part that’s easy to miss.  Aunts and Uncles.  Teachers.  Bosses.  Grandparents.  Neighbors!

I didn’t notice that all the people calling me “kid” through my 20s were giving me a break for showing up late, making stupid mistakes, being sloppy or lazy.

I didn’t know they give you a “grace period” when you start a job and that’s when “it’s ok” to screw up.

I honestly never noticed all the people that were involved.  Then one day, I did.  Not only were there people rooting for my success, but they would talk to OTHER PEOPLE on my behalf, saying good things about me, fightingfor me without me even knowing about it

They’d arrange things so “opportunities” came my way and I didn’t even notice it.

I just figured I deserved it.  Maybe I did.  But many of them were being kind because I was young.  I didn’t even realize fully that they were there because they were working on my behalf amongst themselves.

Really weird to realize that honestly.  Why would a group of people talk about me behind my back saying good things about me and trying to be helpful without telling me?

Still kinda strange to me.  But it seems to be what happens.

Anyway, sorry for the soapbox.  I’m trying not to give advice because everybody’s unique.  But I like sharing my thoughts and thanks for the opportunity for me to express them.  I like writing and I realized a few things about myself while replying and that’s something I’m always looking for.

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