Why we analogize baseball to decision making

I always wondered why baseball is so often used as an analogy or metaphor but now I know why: When batting, you have but a few moments to compress decision-making into:
Prepare (get your body + muscles in proper position)

or if you’re in the outfield it’s
Prepare (get your body + muscles in proper position)

If you’re pitching it’s:
See (the straight line past the batter into the catcher’s mitt – and the straight line might, of course, be a curve or some other shape)
Prepare (orient your fingers and hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and body in proper position)

In short, when compared to the way we make decisions in life, a lot of good analogies can be made to baseball. We use it so frequently in the USA as an tool for metaphors, but at least I have answer “why” that works for me.

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