why there are so many numbers for minecraft servers – it’s hard enough to get _there_

it’s true – I mean it’s hard to get a server running out of your home if you don’t have help.  Plus many people don’t have direct access to the router so they’d have to use quirky methods like Hamachi or pay for hosting.  Thankfully Minecraft Realms puts that process right in the game, and it’s a little less scammy than some hosting places [although most really do try their best and some are great]

But let’s say you manage learn how to get through your own firewalls (on the computer, on the router) and the UNIVERSE can see your Minecraft server that you managed to get going.

Then… you need a name.  A domain name.

And.. there’s only a few places online that give you free names.  (freedns org is one of them – that’s where I got the ignorelist from) – and THEY’RE confusing to use unless you find a video explaining it.

I taught about a hundred people separately how to do it and I’m proud of it but after a while I had to stop.  But yeah, that’s why there’s so many numbers.  Names either cost money or the free is hard to find if you don’t know where.

[the only reason I sound negative is because the process is unnecessarily difficult and big companies make a lot of money by keeping things confusing and that bugs me.  There’s no reason for it to be a maze like this except I guess it keeps hackers away or something]

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