Why I rarely cry. I fear mocking and avoid situations that induce tears most of the time.


  • Fear mocking.
    I don’t put myself in situations that induce tears.
    Exception: I let _some_ movies/shows get me “choked up” but only a few. Very few.

    Sarah Mclaughlin is not allowed to. If you’re going to make me choke up and cry, you’d BETTER give me a better story than that. I feel it working on me, and if it’s in my “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATE ME” category? I exit the situation before it takes me over. It happens fast and I don’t like it.

     it’s also why I don’t listen to songs all the way through. I get carried away by them too easily. I skip and hop through and look for patterns instead. Emotional self-control for an INFP is hard work. Worth it for me but it’s hard. I’m always practicing. Still not perfect.


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