why I haven’t done big music yet. excuses excuses…

My problem is patience and shit memory. I know what the UI would be like; and it’s theoretically possible to cobble it together with the right kind of midi setup… but the prep work and everything, I just lack the patience.

Even writing music; The best I can do is write down a golden set of chords that give me that “something” I’m looking for… or scribble some dashes and dots on paper that I can read later so I remember the beat.

But I never have the patience to do it all. It comes, it goes and if I don’t catch it in the 4-8 second window, it’s gone. I can get a variant of it back again… but all the tweaking and fine tuning… I always found it maddening anytime I’ve tried.

I never edit stuff. Writing, music, even in school – first draft was last draft. Always said I’d happily pay someone to edit for me Oh well

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