Why I couldn’t go democrat for Sanders

I didn’t have the courage to “go Democrat” for Sanders. I’ve been Independent and while he was able to wear the Democratic cloak over his Independent status, I couldn’t do it.

It sounds stupid saying it out loud as its a poor justification, but I know myself. I like voting. I enjoy the process of being a part of being a citizen. Yet, I was never one for rallying.

I know if I join and he loses the primary, I will be disillusioned with the process for the rest of my life and not vote again.

I know. It’s stupid. But he’s a guy that says all the things I want to hear – a lot of stuff I know that he can’t pull off (not within his powers if President) AND, in the same way that Obama revoked No child left behind from Bush, the next president (whoever it is) will dismantle Obamacare – even Clinton, because it was broken from the outset and it’s not his plan ANYWAY.

Knowing that, any radical changes he MIGHT be able to put through, MUCH of it will get dismantled by the present that follows him.

I told you my reasoning is stupid.

So, I have to wait. I depend on people with the stamina to go through the emotional process of rallying and all of the victories and defeats that go along with it.. the ups and down and ups again.

Do I believe he can get the nomination? yes I can. Can I join in campaigning? No. All for stupid reasons but that’s what I got.

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