Why half a million dollars to fight the Rainbow Coalition? Because DHS is where the money is and they need it for other stuff.

I just think they:
a) word the grant appeal like they do because it’s sort of a standard form letter and uses the magic words like “credible threat” and such in order to seem justifiable to get the half a million dollars.

All the money is in DHS right now; so many previously splintered groups are gathered together under one GIGANTIC umbrella governmental organization.

It’s where the money is at.

So, if they want to plant some trees or get some decent Forestry Service work done… well, there’s nobody passing out money for Trees, but there’s plenty of money in Homeland Security. Or if it’s the police that are appealing.. well, they always need other equipment, which costs money.

Getting Grant Money from Government is a silly game. I had to do some grant appeals many years ago for a University I worked at (I was a temp – they really shouldn’t have given it to me). Anyway, you have to write _really ridiculous_ appeals for money that have almost nothing to do with what you’re ACTUALLY going to use the money for. But you have to word it in such a way that they can’t possibly turn you down.

I mean, I can be totally wrong… but anytime I read an article that strongly leans in an “us vs them” direction… I try to think, “What might they not be taking into account? What might the “them” side be?”

But I suspect you’re right, and what I suggest above is speculation on my part. I have no problem with peaceful gatherings and wish there would be more groups like the Rainbow and others like them

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