Why Clinton is getting black voters. I had to answer this for someone who couldn’t see it.

A few things:
a) A much higher percentage of black women vote than black men. I believe it’s a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Among white people it’s about a 1:1 ratio or 50/50.

Yet it’s not just “because she’s a woman too”:

b) Women tend towards status quo and stability. When they’re in relationships, they don’t see the situation today: They see how it affects a relationship for their entire lives. They marry not just the young person in front of them, but the old man they’ll be seeing 50 years later:

So they see Bernie as inexperienced in a presidential role and in international politics but Clinton as experienced in those areas.

c) Women are often the “voice behind the throne”. In their marriages and relationships, the man steps up front and takes the credit and the woman just stands there, knowing that SHE gave the good advice he’s following and letting him take credit for it.

Of course this is a stereotype here.

But consider Clinton’s role in the white house: The voice whispering in Bill’s ear about foreign policy, the “real logic” behind the king.

d) Where’s Sanders wife? Why isn’t she standing by him?

So, these things that might seem inconsequential to you or I, would be more important to a woman voter. They’re interested in the “big picture”, not a few facts. How will she handle the job day-to-day? How will she deal with things getting thrown at her?

What we might see as inconsistancy, they might see as flexibility to changing situations.

So, it’s different criteria.


I _personally_ prefer Sanders. I really hope he gets it. But I understand why women voters prefer Clinton and why she’s right for them in more ways than her gender alone, and where you see “black voters” you can substitute “women voters” because that’s who is doing the voting, both now, in 2008, 2012, and any time in the past.

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