Who’s right? You are, until I can hear an opposing point of view.

You are. Why? You’re the person who asked the question. You’re the person who is concerned. It seems as if this is your predisposition and also your choice at the same time, so unless there is something distasteful to me in the “right/wrong” question for me, you’re right.

I would even back you up on it because you brought it up first and showed first concern. That being said, I would THEN sit back and hear your partner’s stand from your partner’s point of view.

There’s no reason for me to suspend judgement until hearing both sides because:

a) I happen to find your position somewhat more agreeable to me
b) You’re closer to me in the friend spectrum (we’re on the same group)
c) You asked. Your partner didn’t. It’s not yet a mutual concern.
d) You’re concerned and need your concern addressed.
e) Being right feels good. I understand that impetus.
f) My own opinions beyond it aren’t strong enough for me to launch some kind of debate involving my personal opinions on it, plus I cannot, because I am already a little biased in your favor in five (now six) ways and haven’t heard the other side yet.

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