Whole, opposing, creepy mix, detailed/skipping, something used to be there.

Looking at all silos; the words that have ‘some’ relationship to each other [not via N/V/Adj etc but by some common thread of ‘concept’… seems to be something like:

4) Detailed or ‘skipping’
5) Something used to be there;the connection is extremely wispy. [“blushingly” was one of the words on level five, as was “castration” and all the medical terms involving ‘something once there’).

I started with the word “WORD” ’cause, why not? and the pattern hung from there.

WORD=SUN=WHOLE etc.. 50,000 in first level or so. I wish I could do something with it.. but it would only be useful to poets maybe as the connections between them is entirely symbolic but it’s there if you see it. Oh well. _sigh_ thanks for listening. That’s what i get for not getting involved in Academics; with a PhD, the same work would be respectable and I would have had the training to write papers with. Oh well. Is what it is. smile emoticon Plus I had no real hypothesis, so I have no conclusion. Just an experiment and it’s likely the connections between words could easily be explained away by some already known feature of language or thesaurii in general.

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