who wants to mess with electron charges for answers anyway

Still though.. planetary quakes… hmm.. how to authenticate the viscosity of the outer core and its relationship with the magma flow and its relationship with the circumference of the solid core?

I mean we may TREAT gravity as spherical but all it takes is a slight variation due to differential pressures cause ultimately by asymetric charges (but that’s going too deep) but in all practicality via competing external gravitational relationships between many-bodies surrounding the planet, which would ultimately affect the actions in the tectonic plates, which would affect the timing of the quakes themselves.. and really..

..who wants to mess with electron charges for answers anyway? I mean… soon we’ll find ourselves comparing Top Quark heaviness and the influence of the bottom quark, which kinda breaks the whole supersymetry idea and string theory generally speaking…

…and that law of averages is JUST going to fall like a house of cards built on a supernova exploding into a giant molecular gas cloud creating the elements that make up you, me, the sun, and MAYBE… I suppose.. just MAYBE there’s an Ace up your sleeve because of this but I wish you good luck, good sir :P

^ there’s a “d” in cause. It should be “caused”…. because correcting grammar wins every argument. Grammer? yeah, I’ll go with grammer because misspellings, just like unfinished sentences

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