Who is president we can’t do much about.

I’m sure he’d be fine. He says everything I want to believe which is what raises skepticism as well. Whenever I find myself excessively agreeing, I step back and ask, “Why?”

Many if not most of the promises made during presidential campaigns are _precisely_ the very things they can do absolutely nothing about.

How much can the president directly change the economy? Education? Health care?

They can advise of course. But actually do things? I mean, they can veto what they don’t like. Sign things they do. But by the time it gets to the Oval office the original bills are spread thin, watered down, compromise laden affairs that don’t usually resemble much of the Original Plan.

It may carry the same name, but it’s a different beast.

This, of course, is the power of our system as it’s set up. Compromise. It has its good points and bad points.

Look at Trump. “Let’s build a wall”. Yay, say his supporters.

But can he build a wall?


He can start an initiative. He can talk about it ’til he’s blue in the face. He can strongly suggest things. But do it?


This is why I don’t think too much about it yet.

I took an online test to find out “who fits my beliefs” candidate wise.

I took it a year ago. It stuck me at some percentage of green party. I took it a few months ago, it stuck me at high percentage of Sanders.

I’ve never been green party or democrat. Always independent. I’ve even voted republican once. Felt dumb afterwards ’cause the reasons I did went away a month afterwards but I didn’t sweat it because my Presidential vote wasn’t directly impactful anyway.

Usually I end up democrat though if a strong independent isn’t available. But again, my presidential vote isn’t what matters.

I voted for H. Ross Perot. I actually did. I knew he wouldn’t win. My republican boss tore me a new butthole out when I told him. Threw away my vote. Did I? No. I wouldn’t have voted for whoever the republican was at the time. Bush Sr. was it? I don’t remember. Still I was ok with Clinton as President. Any of them. It’s the congresses that have more of the power anyway, even if Prez gets final say-so.

Didn’t really matter much to me. I know my civics and I know the media game. We’re geared up to focus on stuff we can’t do much about so we don’t do anything about things we _can_ do something about.

Who is president we can’t do much about.

Who is going to star in the next hollywood film we can’t do much about.

So, I don’t stress or fight. No problem if it’s what you want to do, just explaining my position here.


 I’ll still wait. He might not even be a choice when the Democratic party decides – and THEN there’s whoever the candidate picks for VP. That also makes a difference. So, I wait.

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