Who is it for?

Who is it for?
Kenneth Udut
5/3/2013 6:50 AM

Who is it for?

Is it for you? Yes!

But, who else is it for? What are the characteristics?

It is number one something that can be done alone. You do not need a “professional “you do not need a facilitator. The only requirement for the system will be me.

I want to change their minds.

I want them all to love me.

I do this for fans.

I do this to change the world.

Brutal honesty is one feature. You must be brutally honest with yourself. You have to take down all of the walls that separate you from yourself. It is the only way to read invent yourself. Completely.

A lot of this will be work that somebody else has to. Copy it. Use it for yourself. If you can find it.

13 yr old who questions himself. Needs guidance. Social Malcontent
” You are at the crossroads in your life.”

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