who am i serving right now?


  • I’ll tell you something that I do regularly; it’s a mental trick. I realized that asking myself this question allowed me to focus my time and my energies and keep from being distracted from interfering thoughts. It also helps to prioritize my time.

    It *might* help you in your situation as well – with the alternative persona:

    “Who am I serving right now?”
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  • Kenneth Udut I asked myself first, “What if I was living a life of pure service to others? I’d have to know who I was serving.”

    So, whoever I am talking to or dealing with at the moment, I’m serving them. Or, if I’m dealing with a person but serving somebody els
    e, or serving _something_ else (like an ideal or purpose), then that’s my focus.

    In a sense, I’m my own employee and my own boss. But knowing “who it’s for” at all times, keeps my role straight. Maybe this will help you, maybe it won’t. I dunno. Got the idea in my head like a year ago and I’ve been practicing it since. Works good for staying calm under pressure… and I tend towards suffering from anxiety, which is why I use it.


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