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When I was looking for a good software to help me organize my ideas for the book, I found one called “Whiz Folders”. Take a look at it, I find it brilliant, it allows you to make as many notes as you want and then join them together in a larger piece of work.

it sounds excellent – at first blush it reminds me of http://www.azzcardfile.com/ which I used years ago. I remember sharing the Azz’s files was a ‘big thing’ on AOL long ago, as people would bundle together their card stacks and share them. Very popular among educators – and I always made friends with teachers + professors online. it looks great – thanks smile emoticon

The mac world had Hyperstack if I remember right – same concept. I love the index-card or ‘note’ as the basic-unit for something. It analogizes well to many things and honestly, I don’t know why it’s such a buried secret. There’s not a lot of software for the purpose and the stuff that *is* is web-based or strange and unnecessarily complicated… when all you need is a place to stick stuff and then you can retrieve it again in whatever you way you want.

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