White privilege? Yes I have it. I’m not ashamed, but I have good manners and I defer appropriately.

I’m a 6′ tall, white guy. Well proportioned, except slight “beer gut” (lies – it’s eating more calories than I use that’s all). Epic beard, nice guy.

Am I privileged automagically? Yup. Am I glad to be a slightly taller but not too much taller white guy in the USA? Yes. It _is_ easier for me.

It’s also happenstance. I didn’t ask to look like me, but I do.

I try to make myself aware of privilege by noticing those who don’t have it. It’s been a lifelong thing for me.

I don’t feel pity. I don’t feel guilt. But I’m aware of it. I consider it a matter of good manners.

If I’m talking to someone whose English isn’t perfect, I listen carefully, I speak at a normal tone, slightly slower speed with more hand gestures and eye contact than I normally would. That’s respectful to me.

If there is somebody older than me, I defer to them. Actually, I defer to most people instead of me, but that’s how I am anyway and I like this role.

If I was up for a job and equally qualified person who is _not_ of my status (which was no fault of my own) was up for it and they got the job due to circumstances out of *their* control, I’d accept it. No big deal.

I call out the idiots who say, “Why isn’t there a WHITE entertainment channel on TV?” They’re idiots. I tell them they are. I explain why. I’m not demeaning- they can’t help their lack of education.

So, I try to do my part.

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