White noise is comforting.

Our body space

^White noise is comforting.

Our body space extends as far as we can see and as far as we can hear. It doesn't end at our fingertips.

We even have a bubble around us – our "personal zone' – perhaps our unconscious measurement of the Infrared (heat) colors around us (I suspect).

Anything that disturbs our body space gives us the creeps and we respond with the results of our emotional calculator and brain chemicals that tell us : RESPOND OR FREEZE – NOW! literally flood the murky soup of our brain.

White noise is comforting.

It is randomness with patterns; the sound of a fan running, the non-stop talking of TV and Youtubers, socializing with noisy friends.

The walls of our indoors is comforting too, to a point, giving us a physical end to our personal space; a sense of safety and comfort between these walls.

Randomness is comforting. It blurs anything outside of it, placing it out of our area of concern.

Just tonight, i took a quick walk at dusk down the driveway and out to the street.

I was contemplating body space, wondering if I could sense how far it extends away from me. I looked up at the moon, to the forest at the sides. I was lost in my own thoughts.

Suddenly, I hear a rustling in the palm fronds near by. I felt a creeping sensation go up my legs and to my back. I looked over in that direction to see a few palm fronds still jiggling. By then, the rest of my body had turned around and started talking at the same pace, back towards the driveway.

The feeling left as quickly as it came, but my awareness was heightened slightly.

As I pondered over the noise, starting up the driveway, I heard another rustle, closer. The same creepy sensation went up my legs to my lower back and when I couldn't see what made the noise in the oncoming darkness, I continued walking up the driveway, pausing to reflect within running distance of the front door, in the perceived safety of my home.

There was no fear – but I did get the answer to my question about body space.

And in those moments, I understood why a bump in the night is so frightening to children and grownups alike and why we live in cultures full of industrial noises and talking and music and walls all around:

It is patterned randomness. It is white noise for the brain.

White noise is comforting.^

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