Which part got me the most? The EMP

What prompted finding it was precisely a “FACE YOUR FEARS” situation:

A friend posted a Vine and in 6 seconds, flashed every fear that he had and said in the comment, “Don’t judge, please.” Of course someone did but such is what happens when you put yourself “out there”.

Anyway it made me think: What are some of my childhood fears that I might still carry? Why not face some of them? And “The Bomb” was the one that ran its course not just through my childhood but through the childhoods of two or three generations of people; millions and millions of people.

Of course I say “childhood fears”, but we carry those fears through the entire course of our lives, if left unchecked, which is why I try to work on them when I think of it.

Finding this was amazing and disturbing. I made two Vines. One of the Flash, with the mushroom cloud JUST forming at the end – and then it loops around to repeat, as if a nuclear blast was happening over and over again… and the other was the sound, which is nothing like what I heard my whole life in all the movies I’ve ever seen.

This was real.

Which part got me the most? The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) you can hear in the moments that everything turns PURE WHITE. That thub-thub-thub-thub-thub will stay with me.

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