Where’s the equivalent bankruptcy protection for the USA if Trump defaults on us?

They’re in that high class. Putin is also in that class. Trump is only in that class financially (bankruptcy is his immunity against financial fraud) but not politically.

The Clintons are as powerful as Putin. Trump is a general contractor with a used car salesman personality who got rich by not paying his bills and not paying companies what he owed.

Thing is: Clinton’s have friends in high places to bail them (or the USA) out.

Where’s the equivalent bankruptcy protection for the USA if Trump defaults on us?


The option for Trump style of bankruptcy simply isn’t there.

His knowledge doesn’t go nearly high enough to manage that.

“I’m President, We’re Bankrupt Now, Now We’re Safe” – won’t work. There’s no one to bail us out the way Trump got bailed out as a business owner.


This is where Libertarian is tempting. While a “lean” govt is nearly impossible it *can* be made leaner without compromising basic humanitarian needs of the people.


It is the opposite of humanitarian. So is corporate. They’re monsters we created and keep alive. But, they’re there. Who knows the monster best?


I’d go for a wise virtuous old man. I’m trying to become one. I even have the wizard hair, although it’s getting annoying. Now it just has to turn white and I need a staff. WHERE’S MY STAFF?


Cross between standard Wizard, Doctor Who and Dala’i Lama… and Pope John Paul II and Carl Sagan… although it seems the current Pope would work even better: he’s got awesome PR.


I like the ethics of Wizards (or Doctor Who even more): They’re not human ethics but they’re a little ‘meta’.


I think he helped make the trope :) Been on TV since 1963 (with an unfortunate 15 yr inbetween where I suffered greatly: I had to watch OTHER time travel shows + movies… even… Timecop ::: shudders ::: ).

Oh his behavior is _totally_ suspect and he has a certain kind of recklessness. There’s been an episode or two in the recent series where the “bad guys” get together and explain to The Doctor just how evil he really is.

The latest Doctor is one of the darkest Doctors there’s been yet. A lot of people didn’t take to him at first because he wasn’t the happy-go-lucky nutty professor twittering around time and space with a companion. This one, he’s darker.

What’s fascinating to me is that you have to take into account ALL of the Doctors to really ‘get’ his ethics and personality and even THEN there’s more left unexplained. How a character can keep that mystery for SO long is amazing – and yet, it’s a cohesive character at the same time.




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